Distributed Ledger Technology and Gridcoin

Distributed ledger technology enables a world where decision-making, economic, and network protocols are managed via open-source sets of code defined and redefined through commons-based debate, free-market competition, and permissionless contribution principles.

Gridcoin brings these advancements to the protocols of science.

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Introducing GRC

GRC is the native currency of the Gridcoin ledger. It is distributed directly to network participants contributing computation cycles to the advancement of science and humanity via the distributed computing infrastructure, BOINC.

What is BOINC?

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a permissionless, open-source grid computing infrastructure which provides access to a global distributed computing network. Spawned from SETI@Home and released in 2002, BOINC is used by entities and companies such as IBM, CERN, the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, TACC, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oxford University, Perdue University, and dozens of other universities along with citizen scientists, enthusiasts, and independent researchers.

To date, BOINC has been the driving force behind numerous computationally intensive research programs, such as pulsar identification, the development of vaccines, the creation of patient-specific cancer treatments, and the simulation of candidate molecules for next-generation solar panels.

While BOINC has been used primarily for science and mathematics, it can host data from any open or commercial field so long as the data can be formatted for BOINC's processes.

Examples of projects include tasks in engineering, cryptography, rendering, weather and climate prediction, sensor data aggregation, as well as social, market, and resource analytics.

Why Choose GRC?

GRC is the base currency of an economy based on science. It is distributed directly from an open economic protocol to scientists and participants contributing to science. At its root, one GRC is tied to the value society gives to the advancement of science, science engagement, and science communication, along with computational cycles directed at scientific discovery. When you choose to use a GRC, you choose to use a currency to express your support for science.

How to Participate

There are several ways to contribute to the Gridcoin Network.

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Illustration of a man wearing a cape Illustration of a pickaxe hitting bedrock Illustration of two hands protecting the Gridcoin network
Solo Crunching Pool Crunching Secure The Blockchain
Solo Pool PoS
Earn BOINC Rewards Yes Yes No
Earn 10 GRC Per Staked Block Yes No Yes
Helps Secure Network Yes No Yes
Decentralized Yes No Yes
Ability to Vote Yes No Yes
Keep 100% of Rewards Yes No Yes
No Upfront Investment No Yes No
BOINC Leaderboards BOINCstats, GridcoinStats & Others Pool Only GridcoinStats
Solo Guide Pool Guide Staking Guide

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