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Gridcoin is Awesome

The graph below shows the share of RAC the Gridcoin network contributes to whitelisted BOINC projects. Note that the Gridcoin network comprises less of the total computation contributions to the older and more popular projects when compared to the newer less marketed projects. This is an intentional effect of one of Gridcoin's incentive mechanisms: Magnitude distribution.

For example, when DHEP was whitelisted the project jumped from 14 TeraFLOPS of computation to over 94 TeraFLOPS almost immediately. This gave them a computation boot-strap while they worked to market their project and research. The project now runs with over 700 TeraFLOPS with about 35 percent, or 245 TFLOPS coming from the Gridcoin network.

Gridcoin RAC Contribution to Projects

Gridcoin is Awesome Part II

The image below illustrates the Gridcoin magnitude distribution mechanism which incentivizes crunchers to

1. spread their computation across an array of projects.
2. jump to freshly whitelisted projects.
3. seek out projects that are lacking in relative computation power.

Gridcoin Magnitude Distribution

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