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The Gridcoin network is comprised of seven types of participants.

Illustration of people participating in the Gridcoin network.

How to Participate

  1. Illustration of a series of connected blocks

    01. Stakers (Block Producers)

    Stakers maintain a balance of GRC connected to the Gridcoin blockchain. The more balance they maintain, the more likely they are to be chosen as a block producer. Each block they produce earns them GRC.

    Stakers are additionally responsible for forming consensus on statistics published by Oracles along with executing the superblock algorithm that calculates and publishes each participant's earned research rewards.

    1. Install GRC client
    2. Get GRC (buy or crunch)
    3. Move GRC to wallet
    4. Unlock wallet for staking
    5. Understand probabilities
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    02. Crunchers

    Crunchers contribute computation cycles to whitelisted BOINC projects. They earn GRC in relation to the amount of computation they contribute.

    Decide if you want to be a solo cruncher or use a pool.

    Solo Crunching
    1. Have GRC
    2. Install BOINC app
    3. Choose projects
    4. Sign up for projects
    5. Join a team (optional)
    6. Install GRC client
    7. Move GRC to wallet
    8. Send a beacon
    9. Troubleshoot
    Pool Crunching
    1. Install BOINC app
    2. Join a pool
    3. Choose projects
    4. Install GRC client
  3. Illustration of a robot speaking collected BOINC statistics

    03. Oracles

    Oracles are verified nodes that collect, hash, sign, and publish participant contribution statistics from statistic providers.

    *Currently, only verifiable and trusted network contributors can become network Oracles. Why not go ahead and start contributing?!

  4. Illustration of a computer processing incoming data

    04. Statistics Providers / Researchers

    Statistics providers are third-party entities that track a cruncher's contributions. In other words, they are the BOINC projects or other distributed computing applications that are incentivized by the Gridcoin protocol.

    • Whitelist your BOINC project
    • Create a BOINC project
  5. Illustration of heart-shaped circuit board appearing as a person's brain

    05. Contributors

    Contributors are individuals or entities that contribute development time to any aspect of the Gridcoin network—from software engineering, to marketing and design, to outreach and community management. Remember, anyone can contribute! All you have to do is start.

    • Software development
    • Other development
  6. Illustration of digital coin paid to a wallet

    06. Businesses

    Businesses accept GRC for goods or services. Businesses that accept GRC enable growth and development while simultaneously increasing exposure and adoption of the Gridcoin protocol and the scientific incentives therein.

    • Accept GRC at your business
  7. Illustration of people standing behind a Gridcoin bank note

    07. Adopters

    Adopters are participants who simply use GRC as a currency.

    • Get GRC (buy or crunch)
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