Install the Gridcoin client

Microsoft Windows
Debian Packages (Ubuntu)
Launchpad built ubuntu releases
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gridcoin/gridcoin-stable
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearch-qt
  • gridcoinresearch
RPM Packages (OpenSUSE/Fedora)
OpenSuse/Fedora RPMs
AUR (Arch Linux)
Archlinux AUR package
Manually compile the Gridcoin client
Linux compiling guide Gridcoin GitHub Repo

Optional post-install Gridcoin configuration

If you installed the BOINC client anywhere other than the default installation location, you'll need to specify where you installed BOINC in the gridcoinresearch.conf file.

  • Windows: (Note the double backslashes are neccessary. Change location according to your non-default install location)
    • boincdatadir=D:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\
    • boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\
  • Linux:
    • boincdatadir=/var/lib/boinc-client/
  • You need to use the one email for all BOINC projects. Add this to your gridcoinresearch.conf file (unless the Gridcoin wizard has already done this for you):